Mexican Billionaire, NYT Minority Owner Launches Campaign to Bring DREAMers into US Workforce

Mexican Billionaire, NYT Minority Owner Launches Campaign to Bring DREAMers into US Workforce

Carlos Slim, the Mexican billionaire who also owns a minority stake in The New York Times, is reportedly launching an effort to bring every illegal immigrant DREAMer into the workforce.

As Bloomberg News noted, Slim is the world’s second-richest person–second only to Bill Gates–and he “has introduced a campaign to integrate about half a million” DREAMers into the U.S. workforce. According to Bloomberg, “About 1.1 million people in the U.S. are eligible for work authorization” under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, but “only about half have been approved.”

Roberto Tapia-Conyer, CEO of Carlos Slim Foundation, told Bloomberg News that illegal immigrant DREAMers comprise “a population of great potential, and our goal is to reduce the access barriers for them to reach this potential.”

“We want to incorporate them to the formal workforce, to build not just them but their families, so they’re able to contribute to the economy,” Tapia-Conyer continued.

The paper has been one of President Barack Obama’s most ferocious cheerleaders on amnesty. In recent weeks, the outlet has asserted, even though the numbers prove otherwise, that it was “delusional” to think that President Obama’s DACA program lured more illegal immigrants to America. The paper even mocked its own Republican columnist for criticizing Obama’s potential Caesarism. Opponents of Obama’s executive action have emphasized that granting millions of work permits to illegal immigrants would make it more difficult for American workers, of all races and backgrounds, to get jobs. The Times has called these opponents “nativists.”

“It would be good to see Mr. Obama join other Democrats and Republicans in making the moral and legal case for compassionate action, to lead a backlash against the nativist backlash,” the Times recently wrote. “And while he’s at it, he can reaffirm his commitment to protecting, through executive action this year, millions of immigrants who have been here for years, who deserve the chance to legalize that Congress has refused them.”


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