Obama Mentor Charles Ogletree: Arrest Cop Who Killed Michael Brown

Obama Mentor Charles Ogletree: Arrest Cop Who Killed Michael Brown

President Barack Obama’s mentor and Harvard Law professor Charles Ogletree said Darren Wilson, the officer who reportedly shot and killed Michael Brown, should be arrested.

“I think the first thing that needs to happen [is] we need to arrest Officer Wilson,” he said on Meet the Press. “He shot and killed a man, shot him multiple times. And he’s walking free. No one knows anything about him, no one knows why he did it. We need to have that done, number one.”

Ogletree made his remarks while agreeing with substitute host Andrea Mitchell that nobody really has all of the facts regarding the shooting. Witnesses have said the officer gunned down Michael Brown in cold blood after Brown put his hands up to surrender. Another witness claimed he saw Brown “double back” and charge at the officers before he was gunned down.

Ogletree also said that the residents of Ferguson, Missouri, should learn from Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) and engage in non-violent protests. Ogletree described Lewis as someone who “was beaten on the Edmund Pettus Bridge” and “was a young, nonviolent person, and still believes in nonviolence.”

“I think that his message has to be listened to by not just seniors but young people who were wondering, ‘What am I going to do?'” Ogletree said. “Because they’re coming out. They’re very angry. And they’re going to be mad until something happens to make that change.”

Ogletree has admitted to hiding the video of Barack Obama with radical Derrick Bell during the 2008 election and even implied that the late Andrew Breitbart was a bigot.


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