Bill O'Reilly Thunders Against Al Sharpton's 'Garbage' in Ferguson

Bill O'Reilly Thunders Against Al Sharpton's 'Garbage' in Ferguson

Fox News Host Bill O’Reilly exploded at Al Sharpton on his program Tuesday night, calling him a “charlatan” that has been delivering “garbage” in response to the police shooting in Ferguson, Missouri.

O’Reilly said that he returned from his vacation early because was “furious” about how the events in Ferguson were being reported.

He reminded his audience that he believed that there should be a federal investigation and that the American justice system should be allowed to work.

Only one side of the story was being reported,” O’Reilly said, noting that the media was terrified when reporting on racial issues. Additionally, O’Reilly reminded his audience that on Monday night only four people of the 78 people that were arrested were from Ferguson.

O’Reilly approved of police officials releasing the video of Brown robbing a convenience store, pointing out that it was important to the case as it demonstrated his state of mind when he was approached by police officers.

O’Reilly reminded his audience that Sharpton accused Officer Darren Wilson of shooting Michael Brown in the back, which was demonstrably false, according to the autopsy.

O’Reilly argued that Wilson was entitled to a fair trial.

O’Reilly admitted the the American justice system could be flawed, as demonstrated by the O.J. Simpson trial, but that it was all that Americans had.


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