Law Professor: Illegal Immigrants More Aware Than Feds of Weak Enforcement under Obama

Law Professor: Illegal Immigrants More Aware Than Feds of Weak Enforcement under Obama

Temple Law professor Jan Ting, one of the country’s most prominent immigration law experts, said that illegal immigrants understand better what is going on with the issue than the federal officials charged with enforcing immigration laws.

Appearing on a Heritage Foundation panel on immigration, Ting laughed off the Obama administration’s spin that the illegal immigrant juveniles know all the technicalities of the country’s immigration laws. 

“The people on the ground coming across the border know better [about] what’s happening at our borders than the bureaucrats sitting here in Washington, D.C.,” Ting said. “And they know they’re getting through. They’re getting benefits. The kids are enrolled in schools. They’re being transported at taxpayer expense to their parents or relatives who are already in the country illegally.”

Ting said that illegal immigrant juveniles know the reality is that “they’re here to stay. They’re never going home so long as this administration’s policies remain in place.” 

He said that once they are settled in the United States, illegal immigrant juveniles are calling home and telling friends and relatives, “Hey, this works. This absolutely works.” Ting said they encourage others to do the same: “Find a reliable smuggler, and get yourself into the United States, and take your best shot,” they say.

The Temple Law professor also expressed disbelief on Tuesday that after more than 550,000 illegal immigrant aliens have received Deferred Action because President Barack Obama believes that they were brought to this country “through no fault of their own,” Obama is considering expanding the program. This expansion would give temporary amnesty to the parents who were responsible for deliberately bringing them to the United States illegally. 

“Is it any wonder that the U.S. is experiencing this flood [of illegal immigrants]?” Ting asked. 

Speaking of Obama’s imperial presidency, Ting wondered if it would be acceptable for future presidents who want a 10% income tax, but cannot convince Congress to enact it, to use prosecutorial discretion and not penalize Americans for tax violations–so long as they pay 10% of their income. He asserted that this is where the country is heading if Obama continues to enact executive amnesty and not enforce the country’s immigration laws.