NRA: Protect Gun Rights in Wisconsin, Re-Elect Scott Walker

NRA: Protect Gun Rights in Wisconsin, Re-Elect Scott Walker

The NRA has launched a new ad in Wisconsin which highlights Governor Scott Walker’s (R) support of the Second Amendment and the passage of concealed carry during his first term. 

Walker signed concealed carry legislation into law on July 8, 2011. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that his signature made Wisconsin the 49th state to put laws in place recognizing citizens’ right to carry a gun for self-defense. 

The Sentinel reported: “In one stroke, the legislation takes Wisconsin from being one of the final… holdouts on concealed carry to having one of the more permissive bills in the country.” At the signing, Walker said the law “[makes] Wisconsin safer for all responsible citizens, law abiding citizens.”

In December 2011, Walker signed “Castle Doctrine” legislation into law for Wisconsin. Popular in markedly pro-gun states like Texas and Missouri, among others, castle doctrine laws recognize and protect one’s right to self-defense in one’s home, business, or other abode. 

The NRA-ILA reports that the law Walker signed “establishes the presumption that someone who forcibly enters one’s home, business, or occupied motor vehicle is there to cause death or great bodily harm, and allows the use of force, including deadly force, against that person.”

In the ad for Walker’s re-election, the NRA focuses on the pro-self-defense atmosphere nurtured under him. 

The ad shows a woman home alone at night when a home invader kicks in the front door. A female narrator says: “It happens like that. Police can’t get there in time. Self-defense is up to you when it matters the most.” 

The narrator then says: “Scott Walker protected your right to self-defense. Vote like your safety depends on it. Protect your gun rights. Re-elect Scott Walker.”

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