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Sarah Palin to Values Voters: Tell 'Lamestream Media' We 'Wear Your Scorn with Pride'

Sarah Palin to Values Voters: Tell 'Lamestream Media' We 'Wear Your Scorn with Pride'

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin knows how it feels to be targeted by the mainstream media and reload in the face of it. She told social conservatives at Friday’s Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C. that that is why she has always had their backs as fiercely as they have had hers.

“You’re the Americans that the media loves to hate,” Palin said, calling the room “the most joyful room in Washington” of happy warriors. “I’m speaking to the most slandered group in America today. Join me in telling the lamestream media that we wear your scorn with pride.” 

Palin, referencing more false stories and tabloid rumors even the supposedly serious mainstream media tried to gin up about a “divorce” (Palin said gossip bloggers thought she was divorcing Todd because she didn’t wear a ring while doing yoga in Alaska without mentioning that Palin never wears her wedding ring in Alaska because she does so many outdoor activities and doesn’t want to lose it), told the audience to never be ashamed “of the core values we are here celebrating” no matter how much the elite media deride them.

“That’s why we have each other’s backs,” she said. “That’s why we connect.”

Palin blasted the mainstream press for pulling the race card on conservatives for opposing Obama’s agenda of fundamental change and wanting the government to live within its means and “not tax us beyond death” and “mortgage our kids’ futures for today’s selfish wants.” 

“Because of that, we’re racists?” she said before daring the mainstream press to slap that on conservatives like Col. Allen West, Dr. Ben Carson, J.C. Watts, Rafael and Ted Cruz and her husband Todd.

She said the “truly prejudiced folks scream racism” to “just to end debate” and urged the audience, “Don’t retreat. Reload with truth.”

“We’re not afraid of liberty because we know in a free and open debate, our commonsense, ethical ideas win,” she said. “You are their threat. You value life. You value equal opportunity. And that scares the bejesus out of them because they know they can’t argue against those things.”

To combat “the lawless imperial president and his failed liberal agenda and his lying lapdogs in the media,” Palin urged the audience to “stand up like your country’s future depends on it, because it does.” 

Speaking of the Obama era and his “messianic oratory” and false promises, Palin said, “we are over it.”

“Take time to rejoice,” she said. “In two years, it’s going to be the end of an error. The Obama error. We are ready to get back to work. We are ready to get back to the core values that made America great. 

She blasted “all that hopey-changey stuff that just did not work. Not even a smidgen.” And then mocked Obama for saying that “ISIS is not Islamic.” 

Palin said that was news to ISIS and the “thousands of Muslims who join their death cult.”

“If it isn’t Islamic, why does it have such appeal around, you guessed it, the Muslim world?” she asked. 

Speaking to Americans she said give and volunteer behind the scenes and without fanfare to make America exceptional, Palin said “our core values of courage, fortitude, generosity, and hard work” can fundamentally restore America after Obama’s attempts at fundamental transformation with the politics of division and identity politics. She asked the audience to “keep faith in the American dream and share it because the message resonates since the band of brothers dumped tea in the Boston Harbor.”

“We can be optimistic of our one nation because we are under God,” she said, thanking the audience for what they do to advance conservatism and their courage in standing up to a hostile and intolerant media.

The media proved Palin’s point about their double standards and hostility to conservatives after Palin accidentally said that truth is an “endangered species at 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue.” Palin clearly meant “1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,” but that did not stop mainstream media members who have ignored so many of Obama’s (57 states) and Biden’s (too many to list) gaffes from gathering around the Twitter campfire to ridicule Palin.

Palin, poking fun at herself in a way the oh-so-serious mainstream media never do to themselves, later Tweeted after the speech that she now know knows why her Christmas cards to the White House keep getting returned.


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