Poll: Majority Believe Illegals Shouldn't Be Allowed to Attend US Schools

Poll: Majority Believe Illegals Shouldn't Be Allowed to Attend US Schools

A majority of likely voters think illegal immigrant juveniles should not be allowed to attend local schools while they await their immigration hearings. 

A Rasmussen Reports poll found that “53% of all voters don’t believe these youngsters should be allowed to attend local schools” while 32% disagree and 14% are undecided. In addition, only 29% of voters “approve of housing these illegal immigrants in their state.” 

A plurality (47%) believe the Obama administration “should get the approval of elected officials in a state before moving” illegal immigrants there, but “only 34% think the administration needs to release publicly the locations of where the illegal immigrants are going.”

School districts throughout the country are struggling to absorb illegal immigrant juveniles from Central America, and the poll found that 46% of Americans do not know if illegal immigrant children have been moved to their state while 38% “now say some of this year’s wave of illegal immigrants have been moved by the federal government to their state.” Fifteen percent believe “their state hasn’t received any of these illegals” as the Obama “refuses to make public where these illegal immigrants are being moved and, in most cases, is not telling local and state officials beforehand.”

The poll, which was conducted September 29-30 and has a margin of error of +/- 3 percentage points.


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