Louisiana Hit with Double-Digit Premium Increases Due to Obamacare

Louisiana Hit with Double-Digit Premium Increases Due to Obamacare

Tens of thousands of Louisianans are bracing for double-digit health insurance premium hikes as high as 19.7% due to Obamacare. 

The Times-Picayune reported on Wednesday that Louisiana’s largest health insurer, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana, plans to increase the rates of its Blue Saver, Blue Max, and Multi-State individual plans sold on the state’s Obamacare exchange between 18.3% and 19.7%. 

The skyrocketing rates will hit 52,638 Louisiana residents. 

Other insurers in the state are also moving forward with major premium increases. “Humana Health Benefits Plan rates under the Affordable Care Act will increase 9.9 percent… Vantage Health Plan Inc. said it was moving forward with its plan for a 15.89 percent increase,” reports the Times-Picayune.

News of the double-digit premium spikes come as Sen. Mary Landrieu has struggled to explain her embrace of President Barack Obama’s unpopular Obamacare program. On Wednesday, Landrieu replaced her campaign manager.

Obama promised at least 19 times that Obamacare would reduce premiums $2,500 a year per family.

The latest Associated Press poll finds that just 30% of Americans support Obamacare.


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