Rep Steve King: Obama 'Is Preparing to Violate the Constitution Again'

Rep Steve King: Obama 'Is Preparing to Violate the Constitution Again'

President Obama “is preparing to violate the Constitution again” and the administration’s recently issued draft solicitation for vendors that are able to prepare millions of ID cards is the latest indication, according to Rep. Steve King (R-IA). 

King said Monday in an interview with Breitbart News:

This is the president of the United State preparing the executive branch of government to deal with a massive [number] of illegals that the president is preparing to welcome, and he has promised us for months that he is going to violate the constitution and do this, and then when he found out that it was putting some of the Democrat U.S. Senate seats in jeopardy, then he decided to delay his lawless action until after the election.

He added that the Congressional Hispanic Caucus has been giving Obama leeway to move forward with his executive actions until after any potential runoff elections that could sway the U.S. Senate.

Sunday, Breitbart News first reported that although the President Obama has delayed taking his promised executive actions on immigration until after the midterm elections, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is already beginning to solicit bids from vendors who would be able to provide the materials needed for millions of Permanent Residency Cards (PRC), and Employment Authorization Documentation (EAD) “to support possible future immigration reform initiative requirements.”

“This fits right into the numbers they have been talking about,” King said.

The Iowa Republican, a hawk on immigration matters, has been a long time critic of the Obama administration’s immigration policies.

Speaking with Breitbart Monday, he hammered Obama’s policies for their impact on the middle class, saying that Americans without a college education in particular have suffered under Obama due to his immigration policies.

“Until we have a tighter labor supply, hard working Americans will not be [able to] sustain themselves without the welfare state, unless they are high skilled. [Obama] has pressured the middle class,” King said. 

“How bad does this have to get before the American people pick up their pitchforks and go to the White House and surround the place and say, ‘Mr. President it’s time for every unconstitutional, lawless action to be rescinded and it is time for you to obey the Constitution and obey the rule of law and obey your own oath of office?'” King said. 

In that vein, a GOP aide commented to Breitbart, saying that the only way Americans can hope to stop the movement forward to amnesty is for Republican candidates this cycle to educate voters on the issue. The aide noted:

At this point, there is only one way to stop Obama from illegally handing over millions of jobs to illegal aliens. And that is for Republican candidates to spend the coming days tirelessly informing the American people about what the President and Harry Reid have in store for them. If voters are made aware, they will assuredly vote Obama’s Senate Democrat candidates out of office two weeks from tomorrow, and a new Republican Senate majority will block or reverse Obama’s illegal agenda.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee highlighted the election aspect as well, reacting to the draft solicitation. 

“Of course they are preparing for executive amnesty,” NRSC spokesman Brad Dayspring wrote in an email. “President Obama has been explicitly clear about that. Democratic candidates, on the other hand, are hiding the truth from voters and are complicit in the President’s amnesty plan.”


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