Bloomberg Injects $1.7 Million for Gun Control Governor in Connecticut Race

Bloomberg Injects $1.7 Million for Gun Control Governor in Connecticut Race

Gun control proponent Michael Bloomberg is injecting $1.7 million into the Connecticut governor’s race to help gun control Governor Dannel Malloy (D) pull out a victory.

As Breitbart News previously reported, Malloy signed draconian gun laws passed by the state legislation in the dark of night on April 2013. The legislation added 100 new firearms to the state’s assault weapons ban, contained “eligibility rules” for ammunition purchases, and banned both private gun sales and magazines holding more than ten rounds. 

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence praised the passage of these laws, saying that now Connecticut could “join … California, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts” as the top five states with the strictest gun laws. In so doing, the Brady Campaign forgot that it had already ranked Connecticut as the state with the fifth-most stringent gun laws in the country in 2011, one year before the heinous crime at Sandy Hook Elementary occurred.

Because of this–the fact that gun control hurts law-abiding citizens but does not prevent someone like Adam Lanza from carrying out his crime–Gov. Malloy’s Republican challenger, Tom Foley, says he will repeal the April 2013 gun control measures if elected. And Real Clear Politics shows Foley currently has a slight lead on Malloy. 

Enter Bloomberg and a $1.7 million ad campaign against Foley. 

The New York Times has quoted Bloomberg spokesman Howard Wolfson as saying, “The difference [between the two candidates] is so clear and so stark that we wanted to get involved.” Wolfson said Foley is supported by the NRA, which he described as “a huge liability” for Foley.

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