Elbert Guillory Calls on Black Voters to 'Send Kay Hagan Home'

Elbert Guillory Calls on Black Voters to 'Send Kay Hagan Home'

Louisiana state Senator Elbert Guillory has a message for  black voters in North Carolina: ‘Send Kay Hagan Home.’

“The Democrats have created the illusion that they are the salvation of the black community,” Guillory says in a new ad. “But who among us have they saved? In North Carolina, the poverty rate for blacks has risen to 34 percent.”

Incumbent Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC) is in a tight reelection bid against Republican state House Speaker Thom Tillis. 

“You see, black people are just being used, by limousine liberals who have become our new overseers. We’ve only traded one plantation for another. You are not Kay Hagan’s cause and you are certainly not her charity. You are just a vote,” Guillory continues in the ad. “She has stepped off your backs to fame and fortune and left you behind on food stamps deprived of the American Dream.”

The Daily Caller reports that the North Carolina PAC Our America paid for the ad, which, a source told the outlet, will run on television in Wake and Mecklenburg counties. 



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