Gallup Shows Democrats' Pet Issues Irrelevant To Voters

Gallup Shows Democrats' Pet Issues Irrelevant To Voters

A recent Gallup poll which asked Americans to name “the most important problem” facing our country shows that pet Democrat issues, such as gun control, rank near the very bottom of the list. 

Moreover, issues like global warming and the “war on women” didn’t even make the list. 

According to Gallup, the “economy in general” was the greatest concern at 17 percent, followed closely by “dissatisfaction with government” (16 percent) and “unemployment/jobs” (10 percent). These are problems for the Democrats because these things predominate under our current Democratic President.

As for the pet issues that Democrats are always talking about — issues like “racism” (3 percent), “pollution” (2 percent), “corporate corruption” (1 percent), and “guns/gun control” (1) — these things are near the very bottom of the list. 

Yet even though “guns/gun control” rank so low, gun control proponents like Gabby Giffords, Mark Kelly, and Michael Bloomberg are spending tens of millions of dollars, either in private funds or PAC funds, to convince voters in certain races that gun control is a popular push in the United States right now. 

And HLNtv’s HLN NOW is right there with Giffords, Kelly, and Bloomberg, telling the American people that one “of the biggest issues for this year’s midterm elections… is gun control.”

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