Sarah Palin Hopes to Run for Office Again: Would 'Bug the Crap' Out of Liberals

Sarah Palin Hopes to Run for Office Again: Would 'Bug the Crap' Out of Liberals

Deal with it.

Former Alaska Governor and Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin said she hopes to again run for elected office. 

In a Tuesday interview on Fox Business with Stuart Varney, Palin gleefully acknowledged that getting back in the political arena will “bug the crap” out of liberals and the mainstream press.

Varney told Palin that the “hatred level directed against you is a disgrace” and asked whether the vitriol has “driven you out of politics and standing for public office for good?”

“No, bless their hearts,” Palin replied. “The more they’re pouring on, the more I’m gonna bug the crap out of them by being out there, with a voice, with a message–hopefully running for office in the future too.”

Palin said the vitriol “invigorates” her to “defend the innocent  and “work so hard for justice in this country.” 

When Varney asked about CNN host Carol Costello telling viewers to “enjoy” audio of Palin’s daughter Bristol describing how a grown man assaulted her, Palin acknowledged that many families–including those who have loved ones in war zones or battling illnesses–have it a “heckuva lot tougher” than her family.

But she said that liberals who love Saul Alinsky want are “very intolerant of those who hold opposing views” and want to “destroy personally” conservatives.

Varney replied that the so-called “war on women seems like a war on you.” 

Nobody has ever exposed the mainstream media for who they truly are, including their double standards and ugly biases, than Palin. In addition, she has also allowed opportunistic and jealous Republicans–especially insecure male losers who may have unresolved issues from their past that they can’t seem to let go–who want nothing more in life than to be patted on the head by the liberal mainstream media members to show their true colors. Too often, those aforementioned Republicans have criticized Palin more viciously than any Democrat, as if they are desperately trying to make up for their deficiencies. For just that alone, she has been invaluable and indispensable. 

Palin appeals to hard-core conservatives, working-class Reagan Democrats of all backgrounds, especially those in the exurbs, and Americans on the frontier with a libertarian streak in the mountain time zones. Whether she runs for governor, Senator, or President, nobody on the right will have a higher floor of support to begin with than Palin, whom establishment Republican moneymen have always feared because she can raise enough money to “burn a wet mule,” as Haley Barbour once conceded. Translation: she doesn’t need political power brokers. 

She has also been ahead of the curve on the issues and in her use of technology. The bipartisan permanent political class who mocked her for going around the mainstream media’s filters by using Facebook and Twitter now are dependent on social media. Political operatives who lambasted her for using Twitter to communicate with Americans instead of allowing them to rip her off and charge exorbitant fees for “messaging” now, without any sense of self-awareness or irony–mock and criticize her on Twitter. 

More importantly, her critics have had to concede on numerous occasions that Palin was right about many of the most important issues–like her warnings that liberals would try to usher in death panels to ration healthcare and prescient statements about how the Muslim Brotherhood would fill the power vacuum in Egypt. The mainstream press who mocked Palin during the 2008 campaign for suggesting that Vladimir Putin may invade Ukraine if Obama were elected president also had to eat some crow and humble pie.  

As arguably the fiercest Obama critic in the age of Obama, Palin has lived rent free inside the Obama’s head. But her most important contribution, though, has been waging war against crony capitalism and the bipartisan permanent political class, as I have emphasized many a time:

In a landmark 2011 speech in Indianola, Iowa, Palin blistered Washington’s crony capitalism and permanent political class when she put down her marker to fight against the bipartisan political establishment. She was ahead of the curve. Americans in 2012 viscerally reacted to a Boomtown expose that exposed the racket that went on in Washington during the last decade in which the permanent political class extracted wealth from the rest of the country and spread it around to themselves and their cronies. 

While D.C. hacks and pipsqueaks love to talk about process and minutiae–and then wonder whey Americans tune them out–Palin has made it her mission to call out the bipartisan crony capitalism that the permanent political class wants to perpetuate. She viscerally understands that working-class Americans of all backgrounds think the game is rigged and elections don’t matter when establishment Democrats run against establishment Republicans. Working-class Americans know in these elections they will have to choose between the lesser of two evils, if they decide to vote at all, because they know they are being offered a choice between huge government and big government or massive amnesty and amnesty-lite. 

The mainstream media hates Palin because she–and her star power–doesn’t need them to get her message out like more milquetoast politicians such as Tim Pawlenty and Martin O’Malley do. The permanent political class–and self-hating Republicans who crave affirmation from the mainstream press–hate Palin because she is not beholden to their racket. And that is why she will always resonate with a public that distrusts the media and the permanent political class at record levels.


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