Charlie Crist Gets a 'D' from the NRA, $100,000 from Gabby Giffords

Charlie Crist Gets a 'D' from the NRA, $100,000 from Gabby Giffords

The NRA doesn’t think much of Florida’s Democrat gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist. It’s giving him a “D” grade for his support of more gun control. Meanwhile, though, Gabby Giffords’ Americans for Responsible Solutions (ARS) is giving Crist $100,000. 

Crist was once pro-gun across the board, and he used to earn an “A” in the NRA’s voter guide. But the Tampa Bay Tribune reports that Crist “now favors expanded background checks for gun purchases,” so he and the NRA have gone their separate ways. 

But Crist has new supporters stepping in to fill the void: Gabby Giffords and her gun control PAC.

According to the Saint Petersburg Blog, Giffords’ group “gave $100,000 this week to ‘Crist for Florida,’ the political committee supporting the Democrat candidate.” 

Around the country Giffords’ gun control group is picking races where gun control candidates such as Crist are up against staunchly pro-gun opponents, such as Republican Governor Rick Scott. Giffords & Co. then cast their lot with the gun controller suporters by running ads and/or giving money to try to get someone in office who is willing to restrict the Second Amendment.

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