Michelle Nunn Heckled at Campaign Stop

Michelle Nunn Heckled at Campaign Stop

Georgia Democratic Senate nominee Michelle Nunn is keeping her campaign stops discreet to avoid scrutiny, but the strategy did not help her when she was heckled during an appearance at an eatery known as Pearlys in Albany Wednesday morning, The Albany Herald reported.

Similar to past and present Democratic campaigns with first-time candidates or incumbents running for re-election, the Nunn campaign keeps a tight lid on where she will be and only notifies a small circle of selected press at the very last moment, in what appears to be a strategy to avoid certain people and outlets.

“I am here to see what we can do to make a difference in people’s lives,” Nunn said. “I think we need to raise the minimum wage, which is a big contrast to David Perdue. We need to protect Social Security. We need to invest more in early childhood education. We need bi-partisanship in Washington. David Purdue said he is bored of my talking about bi-partisanship, but I say we are ready for change.”

According to The Herald, a number of Republican voters were also at Pearlys when Nunn spoke to the crowd. 

An elderly gentleman with a breakfast tray appeared annoyed by the crowd, and he made his way towards an empty booth, exclaiming, “Make way, I am a Republican!”

Another diner, a woman, made her way up to Nunn and asked loudly, “Are you a Democrat?”

“Yes, I am a Democrat,” Nunn said.

The woman then asked, “Well, I think you are a liberal. What are you going to do about illegal immigration? Why are we providing free health care to illegals when we can’t afford health care for ourselves?”

The woman then left the gathering, The Herald reported, and Nunn raised both arms and said, “there you have it, folks. Democracy at work.”


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