Judicial Watch Watching the Polls in New Hampshire

Judicial Watch Watching the Polls in New Hampshire

You know that in close, competitive elections voter fraud can make the difference between the rule by law and rule by fraud. That’s why we are sending a team of lawyers and volunteer observers to New Hampshire on Election Day as part of our Election Integrity Project.

In the Granite State, citizens have a right to monitor elections so long as they do so unobtrusively. The Judicial Watch Election Integrity Protection program in New Hampshire will be lead and supervised by JW attorney Robert D. Popper. Popper is well-equipped to do so, as he is the former deputy chief of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) Voting Rights Section. While serving in this capacity, Popper oversaw numerous DOJ election supervision efforts where DOJ attorneys and other staff members observed polling places.

During our time in New Hampshire this week, our team of lawyers and volunteers will simply observe and document the election process – and won’t be making any voter challenges or engaging election officials.

Bob Popper explained our New Hampshire poll watching effort succinctly:

We will be there to silently observe and record whether state and federal election laws are faithfully followed. Judicial Watch is particularly interested in whether the requirements for voter ID are followed. We will also focus on whether those who want to both register and vote on Election Day are held to proof-of-identity requirements under New Hampshire law. Having supervised precisely these kinds of Election Day monitoring operations for the U.S. Department of Justice, I can say election monitoring deters fraud and reassures honest voters and election officials.

To put it plainly: the Left plans to sow confusion on Election Day. Unfortunately, the Obama Justice Department’s unhinged attacks on voter ID show that it cannot be trusted to ensure clean elections in November. So, in the key state of New Hampshire, once again this job falls to Judicial Watch. We are pleased to launch this pilot election monitoring program in 2014 in New Hampshire. Our attorneys and citizen volunteers will be using the same guidelines that guide the behavior for Department of Justice elections observers.

Judicial Watch has taken the lead in defending voter and other election integrity laws nationwide. Judicial Watch plans to expand the New Hampshire Election Integrity Protection pilot program throughout the country in the years ahead.

We will stand watch not for parties or candidates (we don’t endorse or oppose candidates for public office), but for the American people. Our work in New Hampshire is essential and I am confident it will not only deter election fraud there but across the country. 


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