Christian Group Receives Death Threats Following LGBT Group 'Hate' Report

Christian Group Receives Death Threats Following LGBT Group 'Hate' Report

The Washington, D.C.-based Human Rights Campaign, the world’s largest LGBT pressure group, has issued a report along with scare-videos called “The Export of Hate” that targets Christian conservatives who work on LGBT issues overseas. The targeted Christians are calling foul. 

Pastor Scott Lively claims, “HRC has targeted me for murder.” He published death threats he says have come as a result of the report. One emailer told Lively, “..please let him know we are waiting for a moment when he is alone. then we will take him to the woods, rip out his throat and show him videos from youtube where he has caused misery and suffering to the gay people of the world. then we will put a hungry rat into his throat and film it on youtube. time is coming soon.” 

Another emailer told Lively, “I would love to see an angry crowd kick you in the balls until you rupture , then cut your tongue out with a knife & shove it down your throat!”

The HRC report accuses Lively of saying there is a global “war between Christians and homosexuals” and that “homosexuality is a personality disorder.” 

Like many others on the list, Lively’s group is quite small; it lists its annual budget at just over $90,000. Contrast this with HRC’s annual $50 million. 

HRC has also targeted Peter LaBarbera, whose Americans for Truth about Homosexuality nets roughly $110,000 per year. According to HRC, LaBarbera’s crime is saying that children would be better off in a single parent family than being raised by two gay men “because you’re not modeling homosexual behavior.” 

Paul Cameron of the $54,000 a year Family Research Institute spoke on a 2008 panel at Moscow State University called “deviation of social norms in modern society.” Cameron also applauded the Russian law forbidding the teaching of non-traditional sexual relationships to school kids. 

HRC’s report also targets Sharon Slater, whose $26,000 Global Helping to Advance Women and Children says “there’s no such thing as sexual rights. This is a fictitious concept made up by those who seek to promote sexual anarchy.” 

It is not just relatively unknown groups that have raised HRC’s ire. HRC has targeted Ben Bull of the $45 million a year non-profit law firm Alliance Defending Freedom for saying, “Throughout the world, the moniker of ‘human rights’ has long been a cloak for a number of so-called rights that cannot be justified in any other way. From free education, to free healthcare, to various aspects of the homosexual agenda and beyond, human rights have been frequently a rallying cry for people intent on imposing their worldview on others.” 

The HRC print report was also released with a number of videos meant to frighten viewers. They are shot in black and white, with menacing background music and a kind of rolling fan technique that makes the film look like it was shot through a window into a new and dangerous world. The videos open up with the statement, “There exists a network of American extremists who are working tirelessly to undercut LGBT people around the world at every turn.” 

The Sharon Slater video shows her taking to a reporter about the Obama administration’s foreign policy priority of promoting LGBT rights around the world and that the Obama administration is at the forefront of the new “sexual rights agenda.” 

The Brian Brown video shows him at a speech saying that marriage is between a man and a woman. 


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