Exclusive — Bobby Jindal: Obama's Planned Executive Amnesty Is 'Absurd'

Exclusive — Bobby Jindal: Obama's Planned Executive Amnesty Is 'Absurd'

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana — Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a conservative and potential 2016 GOP presidential candidate, told Breitbart News that President Barack Obama’s planned executive amnesty is “absurd.”

“I think this is absurd,” Jindal said in an exclusive interview as he walked with Breitbart News from one venue en route to a Louisiana GOP unity rally. “You’ve got a President who refuses to follow the law, refuses to follow the Constitution. He himself said his policies were on the ballot. The American people said loudly and clearly on election night that they were rejecting his policies.”

“He needs to secure the border, and he needs to work with Congress and get that done,” Jindal added. “He doesn’t need to talk about it; he just needs to go do it. This President needs to understand—he says he’s a constitutional scholar, yet he never follows the Tenth Amendment, and he doesn’t follow the separation of powers. He needs to obey the law and stop going around the Constitution and stop going around the laws.”

Jindal said that Republicans in the new incoming Senate GOP majority and the emboldened House GOP majority should exercise every power they have to stop Obama’s executive immigration plans.

“Absolutely,” Jindal said when asked if the GOP should do everything possible to stop Obama. “This would be an absurd travesty of our laws. Look, it’s not complicated. Secure the border. We don’t need this thousand-page bill. We don’t need this comprehensive bill from the Senate. Just secure the border, and let’s make the President actually obey the Constitution and obey the law.”

Jindal appeared alongside Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), Sen. David Vitter (R-LA), and other high-profile conservative Republicans at an event where Col. Rob Maness—the Republican who came in second in last Tuesday’s U.S. Senate election—endorsed Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) as Cassidy heads into the runoff against incumbent Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA). 

Jindal also told Breitbart News that he’s “thrilled” about the GOP electoral gains in both governor’s offices nationwide and in the U.S. Senate. He said now Republicans’ mandate is to follow through on those policies they promised, during the election, they would deliver.

“I’m thrilled we won so many governor’s offices, and I’m thrilled we got the majority in the Senate. Now, it’s incumbent upon us to do something with that majority,” Jindal said, adding:

I think as conservatives, we got to show that our conservative principles work. So, for example, we need to repeal and replace Obamacare. I formed a group called America Next that’s got detailed plans on how to do that. We need to have a rational energy policy that promotes more energy independence here at home. I’ve put out detailed plans on how we do that.

Jindal went on to say that Republicans must strengthen the U.S. military and push school choice options.

“We need to rebuild our military. We need to have a strong foreign policy that emphasizes American security and American defense and protects our interests,” Jindal said. “This President hasn’t done that. We also need to start fighting for issues like school choice and charter schools. Obviously, people are very worried about the economy. They’re very worried about what’s happening in D.C. with nearly $18 trillion in debt.” He stated, too, that Americans are concerned about “EPA overregulation” and “all this overspending.”

Jindal asserted that the “worst thing” the GOP could do is continue to go along to get along with Obama and the Democrats. He said now is the time for “bold” ideas from the Republican Party.

“The worst thing Republicans can do in D.C. is not do anything,” Jindal stated. “If we have more of the same-old, same-old, I think you’ll have a pretty strong backlash against the Republican Party because there’s frustration with both Republicans and Democrats in this country. I think voters are saying we want change.” According to Jindal, there is hope, however. “Now, the good news is our conservative principles work,” he said. “We need to be bold, and we need to go and actually implement policies that will help the American people.”


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