Pennsylvania Democratic Lawmakers Move to Block Expanded Gun Rights

Pennsylvania Democratic Lawmakers Move to Block Expanded Gun Rights

With the midterms a week behind us and a future of expanded gun rights on the horizon, Pennsylvania Democratic lawmakers are pushing in the other direction. They are trying to block the implementation of pro-gun legislation that outgoing Governor Tom Corbett (R) signed into law this year.

Democrats are joining with the gun control group CeaseFirePA in this endeavor.

According to Lancaster Online, the cities of Lancaster, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia have joined with state Democrat officials in a lawsuit to stop Act 192, a pro-gun measure that allows citizens to challenge municipal laws that curtail the exercise of their Second Amendment rights. 

Act 192 offers citizens the added benefit of allowing a gun rights group such as the NRA to challenge anti-gun ordinances in their stead. 

Legislators who supported Act 192 argue that they want uniformity in gun laws throughout the state. State Senator Lloyd Smucker (R-West Lampeter) says Act 192 brings the state closer to such uniformity and for this reason he supported the measure. 

Smucker cited the fact that there are 2,600 municipalities in Pennsylvania and said a situation where each of these municipalities has its own set of gun laws is simply not reasonable. But he said, “The argument that we should have consistencies in gun laws really does make sense.” 

Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray, the Democratic chairman of the Pennsylvania chapter of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, says he and other gun control supporters plan to “resist this kind of intimidation” and fight against Act 192.

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