Will Congress Hold Strong on Immigration Funding?

Will Congress Hold Strong on Immigration Funding?

On the heels of President Obama’s defiant post-midterm election remarks last week, he now has announced a “10 point plan” concerning illegal immigration which will be enacted unilaterally by executive order. 

With few consequential political allies left in Washington, Obama seems to have absolutely no problem going it alone in granting amnesty to some 5 million illegal immigrants living in the United States. Rule of law be damned; Mr. Obama is more concerned with non-voters than the voters who sacked his policies, and carrying out his radical ideology is paramount to all other concerns.

Since he first took the Oath of Office, President Obama has believed himself to be superior to the other co-equal branches of government. This is a terrifying mindset being further exposed by this attempt at amnesty without congressional approval. Checks and balances are simply an inconvenience to this president. 

Some Republicans in Congress are fighting to ensure President Obama’s illegal immigration efforts are thwarted. In a recent Politico op-ed, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions wrote, “Congress has the power of the purse. The president cannot spend a dime unless Congress appropriates it.” Obama’s only “concession” on this issue, which isn’t even a concession at all, is that he would back down on using an executive order if and only if Congress agrees to pass his immigration reform/amnesty bill. 

Obama’s unwillingness to work with the newly elected Republican Congress is no surprise. What is surprising however is the counterproductive fashion in which he is announcing this “my way or the highway” illegal immigration push. President Obama has become a wrecking ball to his own party nationally as well as the 2016 Democrat nominee for president.

Someone should show Mr. Obama his speeches from the 2008 campaign. All the promises of compromise, working together, reform, moderation, and competence was all a lie to get him into office. Maybe now, if he moves forward with his reckless illegal amnesty plan, the media will finally hold him accountable. The truth is, the media should have shown up in 2008 and asked the tough questions then. Now, we are all stuck with this fiasco for another two years.

This presidency seems to be continuously re-establishing itself as a sad failure, and this most recent “10 point plan” is further proof of that. Offering amnesty to individuals who broke our laws is disrespectful to all Americans who work hard and play by the rules.

We need an immigration policy in this country that promotes legal immigration; not this upside down logic we’re seeing now from President Obama. I believe America still to be the shining city on a hill and that we have our best days ahead of us—we’re all just going to have to hold on tight over the next two years and fight hard to limit the damage as much as humanly possible.


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