Missouri Dem Rep: Concerns About Local Investigation of Michael Brown Jr. Death ‘Well-Founded’

Missouri Dem Rep: Concerns About Local Investigation of Michael Brown Jr. Death ‘Well-Founded’

A Missouri Democratic congressman says the concerns he’s had from the outset about the local investigation into the death of Michael Brown Jr. were realized Monday evening.

“From the beginning of this tragic case, I have repeatedly expressed my grave concerns about the local investigation into the police killing of Michael Brown, Jr.” William Lacy Clay (D-MO) said in a statement. “Today…sadly, we see that those concerns were well-founded.”

Clay explained that while the decision reached by the Ferguson grand jury to not indict white police officer Darren Wilson for shooting the black teen is “extremely disappointing,” he said it was “not unexpected.”

He recounted how he was in touch with Attorney General Eric Holder following Brown’s death, seeking assistance from the Justice Department.

“I am thankful that the Attorney General and his staff responded with great speed and strength,” Clay added. “He has assured me that the ongoing federal investigations will be extensive, vigorous, and will follow the facts, wherever they lead.”

He went on to urge peace in the face of the verdict and stressed that the “pursuit of justice for Michael Brown, Jr. and his family is not over.”

“While I share the anger and frustration of so many in our community, I ask everyone to be peaceful,” Clay said. “Be prayerful. And remain disciplined and dignified in everything that we must now do as we go forward together to confront the huge disparities that continue to deny equal protection under the law for persons of color in our region, and across this nation.”

“That is the best way to honor Michael Brown’s memory,” he concluded.


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