Harry Reid Blames Obamacare for Midterm Losses: ‘We Never Recovered’

Harry Reid Blames Obamacare for Midterm Losses: ‘We Never Recovered’

On Tuesday, Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) joined the growing group of Democrats who blame Obamacare for their party’s electoral woes. 

“We never recovered from the [Obamacare] rollout because the election became one that was directed toward the president. We couldn’t overcome that,” Reid told the New York Times. “I should have seen it coming.” 

Reid is the latest high profile Senate Democrat to blame the deeply unpopular Obamacare program for Democrats’ historic midterm losses. Outgoing Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) said last week he wishes his party had passed nothing at all rather than be saddled with a “complex, convoluted” law that “still rewards the insurance companies extensively.” 

“We blew it,” admitted Harkin. “I look back and say we should have either done it the correct way or not done anything at all.” 

Top Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer (D-NY) agrees, saying Obamacare has been a self-inflicted political wound for Democrats. 

“Unfortunately, Democrats blew the opportunity the American people gave them,” Schumer said two weeks ago. “We took their mandate and put all of our focus on the wrong problem: health care reform.”

After being the law of the land for four years and eight months, Obamacare’s approval rating stands at just 38%.

Obamacare will cost U.S. taxpayers $2.6 trillion over the next ten years.


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