Hearing Recap: Obamacare Architect Jonathan Gruber Confirms He Thinks the American Voter Is ‘Stupid’

Hearing Recap:  Obamacare Architect Jonathan Gruber Confirms He Thinks the American Voter Is ‘Stupid’

On Tuesday,Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber was grilled before the CongressionalOversight Committee regarding a series of videos wherein he bragged thatdeception and “the stupidity of the American voter” helped Democrats and theWhite House ram Obamacare to passage as law.

Gruber triedto explain and even justify his controversial statements through a series of rehearsedapologies before the committee. Many ofhis answers were so ridiculous that only a foolwould believe them, and it was clear that House Republicans did not.

Rep. TreyGowdy (R-SC) demonstrated the Republicans’ attitude toward Gruber’s testimony when heasked, “Professor Gruber, what did youmean when you said, ‘They proposed it and that passed because the Americanpeople are too stupid to understand the difference?'”

I could havelisted 50 examples but listed just a sample. However, this sample illustrates Gruber’s continuing attitude andstrategy to say whatever he has to in order to the save this law. Because he, Professor Jonathan Gruber of MIT, knows what is best for the”stupid American voter.” Americans are:


  1. Too stupid to notice that he knew the answer to every question that helped Obamacare but seemed to know nothing when it came to a question that could possibly damage the law.

  2. Too stupid to realize that he is a numbers guy but couldn’t seem to remember a single number – especially when it came to his compensation or his computer model.

  3. Too stupid to remember that the back of his comic book says he was the architect of Romneycare and “consulted extensively with the Obama Administration and Congress during the development of the ACA.” And then quotes the Washington Post, which called him “possibly the party’s most influential health-care expert.”

  4. Too stupid to remember that is has been widely reported that he said, “He absolutely should have been vaguer in his statement,” when referring to the President’s repeated promise, “If you like your plan you can keep your plan”.

  5. Too stupid to “Fact-Checking Jonathan Gruber’s Latest Excuse” as John Sexton did for Breitbart as to his “typo” about tax Federally-facilitated exchanges not getting tax credits.

  6. Too stupid to notice that he filled out the wrong form prior to testifying and therefore didn’t disclose all his Obamacare consulting income.

  7. Too stupid to know that what the word “conjecture” means and that he therefore testified under oath that he at least believed Obamacare was passed only through deception.

  8. Too stupid to realize that when you are trying to impress people (especially smart people) you only make comments that you think are true.

  9. Too stupid to realize that it is illogical if you don’t remember making a comment that you would then somehow be able to remember why you made the comment.

  10. Too stupid to realize which “assumptions” that were used in the simulation models to score Obamacare that he is most concerned about being made public (the number of individuals that will lose their plan either because they didn’t meet the Obamacare “minimum” standards or because their employers cancel the plans, throwing them on to the exchanges)

  11. Too stupid to realize that one of the audiences that he was trying to impress with his “glib” comments was not a group of colleagues but rather a bunch of college kids.

  12. Too stupid to believe testimony of someone who made it clear they think the “ends justify the means”. He is already on tape saying, “But basically, that was really, really critical to get the thing to pass. I wish we could make it all transparent. But I’d rather have this law than not.” 

  13. Too stupid to believe that on one hand he was not willing to express his opinions when the Obama administration and senior Democrats made comments that were within his area of expertise that he knew were not right, but on the other hand was willing to repeatedly make glib comments about issues in which he claims he has no expertise.

  14. Too stupid to realize that if the law passed, every state would need to hire an advisor, and he was the guy that was being promoted as the expert. Therefore, much of that advisory work would go to him. Or that his buddy Jon Kingsdale would win large state contracts and hire him as a subcontractor. We are too stupid to realize these are conflicts.

Gruber’s congressional testimonyyesterday will further lead to Oblimination:the end and reversal of Obama’s failed policies.


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