Obama: I’m Not Worried About Getting Impeached

Obama: I’m Not Worried About Getting Impeached

President Obama says he isn’t worried about getting impeached, even though some Republicans are still angry about about his executive action on immigration reform.

During an interview with Fusion’s Jorge Ramos, Obama was asked about the lawsuit filed by 17 governors who opposed his actions on immigration reform.

“Are you concerned about being impeached?” asked Ramos.

“No,” Obama replied shortly, reminding Ramos that his actions were “lawful” and in the same vein as past presidents.

Ramos then asked Obama why he deported millions of illegal immigrants if he always had the authority to let them stay in the country.

“Jorge, that is not true,” Obama said testily, as Ramos persisted in asking the question, pointing out that people weren’t being helpful by calling him names like “deporter in chief.”

“Those, like you sometimes Jorge, who suggest that there are simple quick answers to the problems … When you present it in that way it does a disservice because it makes the assumption that the political process is one that can easily be moved around depending on the will of one person and that’s not how things work,” Obama said.

Obama warned that his actions were for existing illegal immigrants, not new ones.

“We’re going to be enforcing those immigration laws so that newcomers – people who just arrived – you are likely to be sent back,” he said.


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