Clinton Infighting Behind Campaign Launch Confusion

Eric Gay / Associated Press

One of the reasons many believe Hillary stumbled in 2008 was a large campaign infrastructure, often at war with itself in the primary, not merely her opponent Barack Obama.

Fast-forward to 2015 and everything old seems new, again … well, except for Hillary, perhaps. As Politico reported, “Hillary Clinton, expecting no major challenge for the Democratic nomination, is strongly considering delaying the formal launch of her presidential campaign until July, three months later than originally planned….”

But right after that report appeared on the Internet, CNN followed up with more. Critics may be right to ask, if Hillary can’t unify and run her own campaign, why should anyone believe she’s up to running the country as its first female president?

Clinton camp split on when to launch campaign

An internal debate among Hillary Clinton supporters about the timing of when she should launch her expected campaign for the presidency has erupted once again.

And that’s far from all of Hillary’s problems. As even Politico is forced to point out, she’s really not that good as a candidate. “Stealth mode” may get her through the Democrat primary, but it likely won’t be enough for her to win the general. And, finally, there’s that pesky “coronation'”vibe. America may have shifted left some over the years, but it’s unclear if it’s ready to anoint its first post-constitutional sovereign. From Politico:

“She doesn’t want to feel pressured by the press to do something before she’s ready,” one adviser said. “She’s better off as a non-candidate. Why not wait?”

The danger — and a reason the plan could be scrapped — is that the comparatively leisurely rollout could fuel complaints that Clinton sees the nomination fight as a coronation. Already, her allies are contemplating the possibility that she might not have to debate before the general election.


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