Report: ‘It Does Feel Like All Signs Are Pointing to Go’ for Romney 2016 Run

CNN Chief Congressional Correspondent Dana Bash reported that, according to sources “it does feel like all signs are pointing to go” and that Mitt Romney will run for president in 2016 on Friday’s “New Day.”

“He [Romney] has been feeling pressure to either fish or cut bait, for lack of a better way to say it because of the fact that big money people, there aren’t a lot of so-called bundlers, really, really rich people who know really, really rich people who can help raise the tens of millions of dollars, there aren’t that many people like that, and those people are impatient. And in some cases, flocking to other candidates, he needs them if he wants to go forward. Talented staff, other supporters around the country in key states, he needs them if he wants to go forward, and they’re also looking at others. So, I am told that Romney knows that, that’s why he has been collecting data as anybody who knows Mitt Romney knows that he does, because he likes to look at the numbers to see what they’re telling him, and he’s done that, and he’s going to tell his supporters whether or not he is going to go forward or not. Now, the numbers are obviously just part of it, when you’re running for president, it’s about fire in the belly, it’s about support from your family, it’s about, especially if you’ve done it twice like Mitt Romney, whether or not you’re really up for it again, and up for putting everybody around you through the rigors of a presidential campaign, so that’s another thing that he is weighing…I can tell you just in talking to sources since you all and I last spoke, spoke last, it does feel like all signs are pointing to go. Not that he’s 100%, but all signs appear to be that he’s planning to go” she stated.

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