Amnesty Injunction Saddens Mexico, Central America

Illegal Immigration/Unaccompanied Minors
Breitbart Texas

Mexico and Central American nations were saddened that a federal judge temporarily halted President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty on Monday evening.

Last summer, illegal immigrant juveniles mostly from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador flooded across the border, which drew national attention after Breitbart Texas published leaked photos of illegal immigrants being warehoused.


According to a Guardian report, Honduran presidential adviser Marvin Ponce reportedly said that although “we respect this decision as part of the United States’ internal legislation, it’s evidence of the fact that there are certain political sectors trying to torpedo a decision that would… help to alleviate the social and economic pressures that buffet our countries.”

Mexico’s Foreign Ministry, according to Reuters, reportedly said Obama’s executive amnesty was “a just migration solution for millions of families and could reinforce the significant contributions of Mexican migrants to the American economy and society.”

Guatemala’s Foreign Ministry reportedly “said it was saddened by the judge’s injunction” and recommended  that “the Guatemalan community keeps itself informed, prepared and doesn’t allow itself to be surprised by unscrupulous people and organizations who might try to abuse their good faith.” El Salvador reportedly urged America to pass comprehensive amnesty legislation, according to the Guardian.



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