Bullet from Range Where DHS Was Training Hit Home Half a Mile Away


On March 15 a bullet from the Plant City, Florida Police Department Pistol Range struck the back door of the home of Gary Hazen, whose house is half a mile away from the range.

At the time the errant bullet was fired, “the Department of Homeland Security was training a private security firm… on the range.”

According to Bay News 9, the bullet “struck [Hazen’s] backdoor, bounced off the tile floor and ricocheted around his kitchen.” Hazen said that bullet would have hit his daughter as she opened the door if it had been fired “a few seconds later.”

Hazen said Hillsborough County Sheriff investigators told him the bullet “was fired from a gun at the range.” And a DHS spokesman said the security firm-in-training, Paragon Systems, “will not be using… [the Plant City] range while the investigation is underway.

DHS apologized to Hazen, and Paragon Systems “begrudgingly offered to replace his back door.”

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