Jeb Bush Supporters ‘Incredibly Frustrated’ That Marco Rubio Might Run


With time on her hands since her MSNBC show is cancelled, journalist Joy-Ann Reid pens an op-ed for the New York Times featuring disillusioned Jeb Bush supporters.

These anonymous Bush supporters are deeply upset with the notion that Rubio would consider running for president without allowing Jeb to have his moment.

After giving Rubio a “ceremonial sword,” Reid writes that Bush allies are trying to “dislodge the blade from his own back.”

She cites the Bush dynasty as “incredibly frustrated” with Rubio’s interference with Jeb’s crack at the presidency.

“We love Marco. We love Jeb. But I assure you that those who love both, love Jeb a lot more,” one supporter says, adding that he hopes Rubio will “do the right thing” by running for re-election to the Senate instead of the presidency.

Reid, of course, is a former Obama campaign employee and a likely supporter of upcoming presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. But in her opinion, Bush is the biggest threat to Clinton’s candidacy.

“Democrats should hope Mr. Rubio continues his history of putting his own interests first,” Reid writes, “Because this time, his self-interest is also theirs.”