MSNBC: Hillary’s Left Turn on Amnesty ‘Could Come Back to Bite Her’ in General Election

Hillary Rodham Clinton
The Associated Press

Even MSNBC is acknowledging and concerned that Hillary Clinton’s left turn on immigration “could risk alienating voters in areas of the country where illegal immigration remains a hot button issue.”

In a Nevada roundtable event with DREAMers, Clinton vowed “to go even further” than Obama on executive actions and called for a “full and equal path to citizenship” for the country’s illegal immigrants. Clinton has even hired a DREAMer to be her Latino outreach director.

“The question remains whether Clinton’s early immigration platform could come back to bite her with undecided voters in the general election, should she secure the Democratic nomination,” MSNBC noted.

Dennis Godford, a political scientist at Iowa’s Drake University, said that Clinton could alienate voters in the swing state of Iowa by turning so far to the left on immigration. He said Clinton could especially turn off Republicans who believe that “illegal immigration is an assault on their culture.” Reagan Democrats in battleground states like Ohio may also be less likely to support Clinton the further left she veers on amnesty.

Though Clinton does not have a serious challenger from the left, she is taking the risk of moving further left on immigration because her campaign is hoping that she can use the amnesty issue to turn out minority voters that made up the Obama coalition. Clinton’s campaign is reportedly banking on minorities making up a whopping third of the 2016 electorate.