Scarborough: Donald Trump Can ‘Shake Things Up’ In 2016 Election

Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough disputed talk that a Republican presidential bid from business mogul Donald Trump would be a joke, saying, “he’s going to shake some things up.”

In discussing reports the reality TV star and billionaire will make an announcement on June 16 at Trump Tower in New York City, Scarborough said, “Donald Trump keeps being called a clown and being called this and being called that. But if he actually jumps into the race—here’s the thing about Trump as opposed to clowns from previous contests—clowns from previous contests don’t have their names all over buildings in New York and across the world. Quoting Mark Halperin, quoting Bill Clinton, if a turtle is up on a fence post, it didn’t get there by accident. I guess my only point is, if he’s serious, Donald Trump’s in on the joke a lot of times, but if he jumps in here, I think he’s going to shake some things up in the primary.”

He added, “I’m not saying he’s going to win. I’m not saying that he’s going to deliver the next Gettysburg Address, but I think these people that are saying he’s a clown and he’s this and he’s that. I think if he jumps into this race, he’s going to have money and he’s going to have the name ID and he’s going to have the press to maybe shake things up a little bit.

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