Alleged Armed Robber Meets Armed Clerk: Police Find Robber Lying in Parking Lot

Raised Gun self-defense AP Photo/Seth Wenig
AP Photo/Seth Wenig

On June 2, three armed men allegedly targeted a business in which the clerk was armed as well. The clerk saw the three would-be robbers coming, had his gun at the ready, and shot the first of the suspects as soon as he entered the store.

The incident occurred around 10 pm at the Happy Daze smoke shop in Houston, Texas.

According to ABC 13, the store owner said three suspects “pulled in. They made a U-turn and they parked right there and [the clerk] heard them yelling, ‘Go, go, go.’ When they opened the door, they had their mask on and everything.”

The owner said the clerk figured out what was about to happen and grabbed his handgun.

Three men allegedly walked toward the door of the business for a moment then lunged inside. The owner said, “They ran in. They stepped two yards into the store and [the clerk] discharged his weapon hitting the guy, and the guy stumbled out.”

Two of the suspects escaped, but the suspect whom the clerk shot collapsed in the parking lot, where he died.

Afterward, the store owner said: “We are just out here trying to make a living and it sucks when somebody comes and tries to take it from you when you are out here working for it.”

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