Danish PM’s Brit Pol Husband: Obama is ‘Do Nothing’ President, UN is a ‘Laughing Stock’


The British politician husband of Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt has slammed U.S. President Barack Obama as a “do nothing” President, eighteen months after the now infamous ‘selfie’ moment.

Stephen Kinnock MP, the son of Labour Party and EU royalty Lord [Neil] Kinnock, was elected on May 7th to represent the constituency of Aberavon in Wales.

He used a recent interview with the Huffington Post to hit out at President Obama, as well as the United Nations, for their ineptitude and reluctance to take decisive measures on the world stage.

He said:

“We have never seen a time where we have such a risk adverse and timid global leadership – President Obama with his dogma of strategic patience, which to me just seems like an excuse to do nothing.

“We have European Union member states squabbling amongst themselves constantly looking to make headlines in their own national capitals rather than actually recognising the only way to create a resilient global and regional system is by compromising, cooperating, collaborating.”

He went on:

 “The global institutions are totally inadequate.

“The United Nations, I’m very disappointed and sad to say this, I think it’s become something of a laughing stock.

“I think that there’s big questions about the legitimacy of the IMF, the World Bank, which are still dominated by the industrialised Western powers in the world where money and powers are shifted so much from west to east and from north to south.”

The Labour Party would not distance themselves from Mr Kinnock’s comments.