Politico: Sean Hannity Plays Conservative Kingmaker

AP Photo/Kevin Cederstrom
AP Photo/Kevin Cederstrom

From Dylan Byers writing at Politico:

Presidential candidates launch their bids in different cities — from Louisville to Lynchburg, Miami to Addison — but, for many Republicans, the first stop on the campaign trail is the same: “Hannity.”

In the last two months, four GOP hopefuls have given Sean Hannity dibs on their first interviews as candidates and been rewarded with hour-long “special events” on his primetime Fox News program. Others have tried to land an interview with the conservative host, campaign sources said, only to be turned down — either because they had given their first interview to another media outlet, or because they weren’t popular enough.

On Thursday, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry will become the fourth Republican to get an hour-long special on Hannity’s program. Senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio were all given the same hour-long special the night after they formally announced their bids.

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