Alleged Robber Jumps Counter, Drops Gun, Clerk Kills Him with It

AP Photo
AP Photo

On June 14, an alleged robber entered a liquor store, jumped the counter, and dropped his gun, which the clerk retrieved and used to kill the suspect.

The incident occurred at 3 p.m. in Houston, Texas.

According to Click2Houston, liquor store owner Pawan Kumar was out of town when the alleged robbery attempt took place. His uncle was filling in for him when an unidentified suspect entered, jumped the counter, and opened fire.

Kumar said the survellience video shows that his uncle tried to hand over money, but the suspect “just wanted to shoot him; he didn’t want to take the money.”

Fortunately, the suspect somehow lost his grip on the gun while shooting and dropped it. Kumar’s uncle then got his hands on it, and after short scuffle, he managed to shoot and kill the suspect.

Kumar said his store has been robbed before. He added: “[We’re] just trying to make our bread and butter. Thank God my uncle is all right.”

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