Walker: Talk About Changing the Constitution a ‘Distraction’

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” while discussing the controversy over calls for changing birthright citizenship in the 14th amendment Republican presidential candidate Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) said when politicians bring up changing the Constitution, they are just trying to distract.

Walker said, “What I have point out repeatedly since the beginning of this year, people have heard me say this a thousand times, secure the border, enforce the laws, no amnesty, go forward in a way that provides for a legal immigration system that puts a priority in American working families and their wages in a way that will improve the American economy. I said it — whether it’s talking about the 14th amendment or anything else, until we secure the borders and enforce the law, we shouldn’t talk about any other issue. Politicians that do are trying to distract from the fact that for years in this town, in Washington, D.C., politicians have made promises about securing the border enforcing the laws they haven’t been able to fulfill … I’m not talking change the Constitution.”

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