Mark Meadows: Constituents Pressuring GOP Reps to Oust Boehner for Failed Promises

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

On Breitbart News Sunday on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125, Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC), who is leading the effort to oust House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) from his leadership post, said the effort to remove Boehner is getting momentum because GOP constituents are sick and tired of a GOP establishment leadership that does not fulfill campaign promises.

Meadows told guest-host Matt Boyle, who recently profiled the conservative North Carolina Representative in a feature story that can be read here, that Boehner will need the votes of Democrats to remain Speaker if a vote is held today. Regarding his motion to vacate the chair, Meadows noted that 25 Republicans did not vote for Boehner for Speaker in January and he said, based on private conversations, that there are at least a dozen more Republicans who are now willing to vote against Boehner.

As Breitbart’s Boyle has thoroughly documented, if not a single Democrat votes for Boehner, then 29 Republicans would have to vote against Boehner for him to lose the election if every House Member is present for the vote. In addition to the 25 Republicans who did not vote for Boehner in January, three more Republicans have publicly declared that they will not vote for Boehner if another vote comes up, and Meadows said, “I can tell you based on the numbers right now, [Boehner] would need Democrats in order to remain as Speaker.”

He said that the potential vote is not “as much about Speaker Boehner as a personality” but a result of many Republicans in Congress being “pressured from people back at home,” including Breitbart News Sunday listeners, who are telling their Representatives that they “worked so hard to give you the majority in the Senate… and yet… there’s only been one bill that I know of that the president has vetoed.”

Meadows said GOP constituents throughout the nation are of the mentality that “we thought at least we were going to fight the good fight and not talk the good talk.”

He added that “a new direction of leadership is what I’m hoping for and if the current leadership is willing to change, then that’s great… and if not, then we need to make sure the voice of the American people is heard.”

Meadows also stressed that September will be “our opportunity to either fulfill our promises to the American people or to tell them–and send a critical note–that we’re not going to do anything… we’re going to campaign one way and govern a different way.”

He said September will be a critical month for issues like the Iran nuclear deal, the defunding of Planned Parenthood, and the sequester caps, and he urged constituents to call their Representatives and speak up about a particular issue or bill or let them know “that empty promises are no longer going to be tolerated.”

He said in just a month, “we may send someone to jail for their faith, turn our back on Israel, and condone the continuing funding of what so many people see as selling of baby parts.”

“I cant imagine it can get much worse than that,” he aid.

Meadows also spoke about the tens of thousands of workers in the furniture and textile industries in his state who lost their jobs when their jobs were shipped overseas to places like China and Vietnam. He said “as Washington, D.C. grows, Main Street atrophies” and the bigger the government is, “they got to take money and growth from somewhere… and generally that comes from jobs that you and I would call those good manufacturing jobs.” He said “we’ve got to slow down the growth of government, slow down the regulatory environment, and bring jobs back to North Carolina and across the country.” He emphasized that “regulatory compliance” is “putting a stranglehold on good-paying jobs that so many are desperate for.”

The Republican electorate’s disdain for their establishment has been made evident in the 2016 presidential race, as non-politicians like Donald Trump, Dr. Ben Carson, and Carly Fiorina have been dominating and surging in every poll. Regarding the appeal of these non-politicians, Meadows said that the “mainstream American and the Main Street American” want to see “somebody just tell them the truth and go out and do it.” He said they are “tired of political speak and they want to make sure that whoever they vote for,” even though they may disagree with some of the things that are being said, is going to be someone of action. Meadows said that people are tired of politicians making good campaign speeches and doing “very little to follow up on it.”

He said the GOP presidential nominee could very well be someone who has never held political office or someone like Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who has been the consummate political outsider and is running against the D.C. establishment and machine.



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