Trump: My Past Compliments Towards Dems and GOP Are ‘Being Honest’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stated that his past compliments of Republicans and Democrats are “being honest” in an interview broadcast on Wednesday’s “CNN Tonight.”

After talking about his past compliments he has paid to people, including Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, which he stated was simply him complimenting “everybody” “as a businessman,” Trump was asked, “as the leader of the free world, if you were to become the leader of the free world, and you said, well, I’m going to compliment, do you think that’s being disingenuous that you’re saying one thing and actually –?”

He answered, “No, I’m being honest. When I’m in business, as a very top business person, I’m not going to speak badly of senators. I get along with everybody. … I get along with the Democrats. I get along with the [Republicans]. I get along with [everybody]. I get along with [Rep.] Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). I get along with [Sen.] Harry Reid. I get along with everybody. I’ve dealt — all my life I’ve dealt at high levels of politics.”

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