Christopher Harper-Mercer Made Woman Climb into Her Wheelchair Before Shooting Her

AP Photo
AP Photo/John Locher

As more eyewitnesses tell the story of Christopher Harper-Mercer’s rampage at Umpqua Community College, more gut-wrenching details emerge.

From CNN:

Tracy Heu sat in the front row of her writing class Thursday, with her future ahead of her: She was on her way to becoming a licensed practical nurse, living a life of service and providing for her three children.

Then the classroom door opened. And her future changed.

“He just came in and shot toward the back of the wall,” Heu said of the 26-year-old man who walked into the college classroom firing a single gunshot. “He told everybody to get in the center of the room.”

As Heu huddled with her classmates on the ground, Sarena Moore tried to join them. She climbed out of her wheelchair, but the gunman told her to get back in it.

“She tried to climb back on the chair and then he shot her,” Heu said.

Moore died next to her service dog, which was quietly by her side, unharmed. She had named her dog Bullet. Bullet survived.

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