Rejected! Video Surfaces of Jeb Bush Dissing Marco Rubio

Rubio Bush Debate Fox Business

During last night’s presidential debate, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush appeared to spurn an attempt from Sen. Marco Rubio to engage in some small talk.

In a video posted by CNN, Rubio is seen wandering over to Bush during a commercial break. Bush curtly shakes his head at Rubio, sending him awkwardly turning around and approaching Donald Trump for a conversation instead.

Rubio has tried to keep Bush as a friend, resisting the temptation to attack his former mentor.

“We’re friends and I consider him a friend and he’s someone I admire and respect,” Rubio said in April, as Bush was still preparing a presidential campaign announcement.

Even after Bush attacked Rubio in the last debate, the Florida senator suggested that he was merely acting for cynical political reasons.

“I will continue to have tremendous admiration and respect for Governor Bush,” Rubio said on the debate stage after Bush attacked him. “I’m not running against Governor Bush.”