Poll: College Students Prefer Free Markets, Call Black Lives Matter ‘Anti-Police’

AP Photo

A new scientific poll commissioned by campus activist group Young America’s Foundation queried college students across the country on social and political issues from the importance of free enterprise to gender roles.

The poll, which was conducted by Washington, D.C.-based The Polling Company Inc./Woman Trends, found that a majority of college students, 50 percent, prefer “smaller government with fewer services and lower taxes.” Just 34 percent said they want “larger government that provides more services and higher taxes.”

More college students, 48 percent, said a “strong free market” spawns a significantly stronger economy. Just 34 percent support a “strong/active government.”

Another 15 percent of students support socialism, while 34 percent prefer free enterprise.

Nearly 70 percent of students said that “given recent acts of violence against police officers, the Black Lives Matter movement has cultivated an anti-police culture,” according to poll.

That response echoes similar sentiments found in a Rasmussen poll, released in August, that said 64 percent of black respondents think the term “All Lives Matter” aligns with their own beliefs.

Another 62 percent of students said college professors should not punish students academically for failing to use “gender inclusive” language like “mankind” in lieu of “humankind,” according to the Young America’s Foundation poll.


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