Jeb: Trump is a ‘Junkyard Dog’

Tuesday on Newsmax TV’s “Newsmax Prime,” Republican presidential candidate former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL)  described his opponent Donald Trump as a “junkyard dog.”

Bush said, “He’s a junkyard dog, that’s for sure. I seem to be the target of most of his attacks. I don’t know why he’s so worried about me. Maybe he thinks I’m a real threat to him, because I am. I’m the only guy who has taken him on.”

He continued, “There’s nothing in his record that suggests to me that he’s a conservative. He’s supported more Democrats over his adult life than Republicans. He wasn’t pro-Second Amendment until this year. He hasn’t been pro-life consistently, to the contrary. He believes that eminent domain powers should be used for private purposes — his own purposes, of course.”

He added, “This is a guy that is not a conservative.”

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