Trump: ‘A Lot of Democrats Are Going to Cross Over to Me’

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump argued a lot of Democrats would cross over to support him in a general election.

Trump said, “I think I will appeal to them. One thing, we sort of agree on his trade, we are getting horribly beaten in trade the difference is I will make great trade deals he is not capable of doing it, he is incapable of doing it and, you know, he just won’t be able to do that. But he does at least acknowledge we are getting just absolutely ripped by China and all of these other countries. So in that way we are with the same. I think a lot of his people will come over. A one of the reasons that Iowa and I think the other guys won’t win I will get states they never will get, I have a chance of getting New York as an example and a good chance of getting Virginia. I will get Pennsylvania. I will get Ohio. I will get Michigan. I will get Florida, you know, my numbers just came down, I am at 48, the sitting senator I think is at 11 or 12, and a former governor is in the eights. But I think I will win Florida, and I win a lot of states. And one of the reasons I win them, a lot of Democrats are going to cross over to me because they are tired of what is happening.

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