WashPost: Breitbart ‘Fight Club’ Values ‘Strength over Ideology’


Callum Borchers writes in the Washington Post:

Last week, Breitbart News proudly republished the first 450 words of a Washington Post story, which was funny — and not only because the conservative website routinely derides this newspaper as “left-wing.” It was also funny because this particular story began by mocking Breitbart for a faux “EXCLUSIVE” on Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump.

But the excerpted portion of Paul Farhi’s article declared that Breitbart is “at the head of the jostling pack of conservative news sites” and “has emerged as a prime rival to Fox News as the media leader for a certain segment of the GOP.” And that was enough to flatter Breitbart.

The site was willing to ignore its general disdain for The Post — and even Farhi’s ribbing — because the story conveyed its success.

It was all very reminiscent of Trump, the man who is known to overlook media criticism that at least acknowledges he is winning. And it makes sense, given how pro-Trump Breitbart has been over the past several months.

Their shared — and very loose — definition of a compliment illustrates why Breitbart and Trump are made for each other: They value strength over ideology.

How else to explain the news site’s embrace of the Manhattan billionaire, who previously said he identifies “more as a Democrat” and that Hillary Clinton “would do a good job” as president, even with a conservative purebred like Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas in the race?

“We call ourselves ‘the Fight Club,’ ” Breitbart Executive Chairman Stephen Bannon told Farhi. And has there ever been a more “Fight Club” candidate than Trump?

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