Jeb: Trump’s ‘Repugnant’ Profanity Is ‘Underreported Story’ That Will Hurt Him

Tuesday evening on Newsmax TV’s “Prime,” Republican presidential candidate and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush said his opponent Donald Trump’s past use of profanity is an “underreported story” that will hurt him, especially in South Carolina.

Bush said, “I could be commander-in-chief because we’re living in dangerous times. Someone needs to have the back of the military, someone needs to have the back of the veterans. I think I’ve offered the most tangible plans and have the broadest support among traditional conservatives that believe that we need to restore our military to its greatness to protect us and to keep it safe. So I feel great about where we are. And Donald Trump’s profanity I think has been one of the underreported stories. Here in South Carolina, my experience is people find it repugnant that he would use foul language in crowds, you know where children exist. Those aren’t South Carolina values.”

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