Kasich: Delegates Will Turn to Me Because of My Ability to Win and Bring People Together

Friday on MSNBC’s “Hardball,” Republican presidential candidate Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) said at the Republican convention in Cleveland, OH in July, no one will have the delegates needed to secure the nomination. Therefore, he believes the delegates are “likely to turn to me because of my ability to win and bring people together.”

Kasich said, “Look, nobody is going to get to the convention in my judgment with enough delegates. Then we’ll pick the nominee through the process. I mean, just because you don’t have somebody that has enough delegates doesn’t mean you don’t have the process. That’s why you have convention. So the convention will sit down and they’ll decide who can win in the fall. And who has the record and who could run the country.”

“It’s just a big national story today, we go to a convention, they’re likely to turn to me because of my ability to win and bring people together,” he continued. “So look, I understand, I just don’t think anybody is going to get there with enough delegates, and so we’ll ultimately have somebody chosen for the delegate whose will represent the Republican party. Everybody just needs to calm down.”

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