***Live Updates*** Trump Holds Wisconsin Town Hall

Donald Trump

Donald Trump will hold a town hall event with Fox News’s Greta Van Susteren hours after Jim Herman, a former golf pro at one of Trump’s courses, won his first career title at the Shell Houston Open. Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates of Trump’s town hall event

All times eastern.

8:59: Trump says he can still get the 1,237 delegates he needs to secure the nomination even if he loses Wisconsin.

8:58: Trump says he thinks Cruz will be a terrible president and doesn’t want to put him under any pressure to endorse him. Trump blasts Republicans for saying things will be different once they got the House and Senate. He says Republicans got the House and Senate and nothing has changed.

8:51: Trump is asked about the heroin epidemic in America. Trump says heroin is an “unbelievable problem” all across the United States. He says it is coming through the Southern border and he is going to “stop it.” Trump says the Border Patrol endorsed him because he is going to let them do their jobs. Trump says Mexico can stop heroin from coming into the United States and he will call Mexico’s leaders and tell them to stop it. He says he will tell Mexico, “you better not let it happen.” Trump says he promised the people of New Hampshire he would stop the heroin epidemic after that was the top issue people had concerns about when he was campaigning in the Granite State.

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8:45: On immigration, Trump says he is “totally in favor of immigration” but people have to come in legally. He says he will build a wall and Mexico will pay for it. “It’ll be so easy,” Trump says. Trump says our tax code incentivizes companies to leave the country and he wonders if “we have anybody” who wants to send a delegation to keep companies like Carrier in the United States.

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8:44: Trump tells a pro-Kasich questioner that he thinks Kasich hurts him more than Kasich hurts Cruz.

8:37: Trump on Syrian migration: “We Have to Stop It.”

8:36: Trump says the Iran Deal was “one of the dumbest deals I’ve ever seen.” He says prisoners should have been brought back long before we made the deal. He said it was a “disgrace” that people like James Foley were executed and we have to stop it with “ferocity.” Trump says the “toughest” and the “smartest” people are supporting him and we have to have strong borders and “we have to stop” Syrian migration. He says they don’t have documentation and we have no idea if these people are ISIS-related migrants.

8:32: Greta asks Trump about North Korea and nuclear weapons and weather he may start a nuclear arms race and the ability for terrorists to get nukes will be enhanced if Japan and South Korea get nuclear weapons. Trump says we have to “knock out ISIS” and the cheapest thing to do is to make your military bigger, better, and stronger than ever before. Trump says he was right when he said NATO was “obsolete” and not focused on terrorism. Trump says we have to go Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia and say we need to be properly reimbursed for our defense. Trump says everyone is making a fortune off of us because America makes the worst trade deals. Trump says we cannot spend billions defending countries that have plenty of money to defend themselves. Trump implies his comments about NATO and nuclear weapons were taken out of context.

8:26: Trump says there is “no such thing as a free education” because someone else is going to have to pay for it. Trump says students are getting crushed because government keeps giving students more and more money and they give it to the colleges that keep raising tuition. Trump talks about “lower interest rates” and “extensions” on student debt. Trump says the best answer to the problem is he is going to create jobs and “we’re not going to let China, Mexico” and about forty others to take America’s jobs.

8:25: Trump is asked about anti-trust issues and says “you’ve got to have competitions to be great.” He was asked about the potential Alaska Airlines/Virgin merger. He says he wants to see competition at all levels.

8:19: An independent voter/Iraq War veteran asks Trump how he would address the mental health needs for veterans. Trump says veterans have “undergone trauma” like nobody else and blast

8:18: Trump says Walker is not supporting him because he “knocked him out” of the race in two months.

8:17: When a questioner asks Trump about the minimum wage, Trump says it is a complex situation. Trump says he will make the country so competitive that people will escape the minimum wage and make a lot more money. But Trump says if you start raising the minimum wage, more companies are not going to be competitive. His solution is to bring jobs back from China and Mexico. He notes that the manufacturing jobs in Wisconsin are “way, way down.”

8:15: Trump says he gets politicians to do what they’re going to do. He blasts the “total gridlock” in Washington and says he will make “great deals” and “not bad deals.”

8:14: Trump says he likes the workers in the country the best doesn’t like the very rich even though he is a part of the “very rich.”

8:12: Trump is asked about his tax plan and says the middle class has been “run out of town” and “run out of the country” and no country has higher than that the United States. He says “we’re going to change all of that.” Trump says taxes for businesses and the middle class are going to go “way, way down” and the tax system will be simplified. He says Americans won’t have to hire H&R Block to do their taxes. He says so many companies are leaving the country because of high taxes and “we’re going to keep our companies in the United States… so big, big tax deductions.” When asked about the “very rich,” Trump says things like “carried interest” that hedge-fund managers take advantage will end. He says the “very rich” will probably end up paying  more but there is an incentive to create jobs.

8:10: Trump insists that he is “pro-life” and says “Ronald Reagan was pro-life with the exceptions.” Trump claims that “so many” people have said his answer to Chris Matthews’s abortion question was a “good answer.” He says women go through a lot–“punishment of themselves”–and then clarified his remarks.

8:04: When Greta asks about “tone and tenor,” Trump says Jeb criticized his tone and “meanwhile, he’s gone.”

8:03: Trump says he took a lot of heat for saying “nobody’s going to be dying on the streets” if he is president.  Trump says “we’re going to help them out” if people can’t afford health insurance and blasts the “conservative geniuses” who criticized him for not wanting Americans to die on the streets because they lack healthcare.

8:00: Van Susteren first asks Trump about Obamacare, and he says he will repeal and replace it. Trump says Obamacare is a “catastrophe” but “we’re going to take care of people” because “we’re going to have great health care for a lot less money.” He says Obamacare’s deductibles are too high and his reforms will have “a lot of options.” Trump says insurance companies like Obamacare and talks about getting rid of the “boundary lines” around the states and he will do so because he is self-funding his campaign. He says he is the only one since Ross Perot who is self-funding his campaign.


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