Jan Brewer Says ‘Trump Got Cheated’ in AZ Delegates…Trump Supporter Calls for Re-Vote

AP Photos

Former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said that the state party “cheated” Donald Trump at Saturday’s convention, where Ted Cruz won most of the delegates up for grabs despite Trump’s victory in the Arizona primary.

Trump supporter Brewer ran for delegate but lost the election. Brewer then came forward and announced that her name was left off electronic ballots and that “glitches and errors” led to Trump’s poor showing. Cruz supporters reportedly won “virtually all the 28 at-large national delegates,” while Cruz won about a half of the other 27 delegate slots, according to the Associated Press.

Trump and Cruz supporters, including the state treasurer Jeff DeWit, reportedly engaged in “arguments” on the convention floor. DeWit is a Trump backer who said that the Trump campaign in Arizona will contest the results and try to get a re-do.

Arizona state party chairman Robert Graham said that there will be no re-do, according to the Associated Press.

Trump supporters booed the results:

These delegate elections will affect the outcome of the second ballot in Cleveland as Cruz battles John Kasich for a majority if Trump fails to get to 1,237 on the first ballot. Trump is already far behind in gaining second-ballot delegates and said that he is only putting forth effort to win on the first ballot at this point.

Breitbart News will continue to monitor the situation in Arizona as more information comes to light about what happened in the delegate-voting process and how significant the errors were.


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