***Horse Race LiveWire*** Hillary: Trump Shouldn’t Get Much Credit for Raising Money for Vets


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10:30: Sanders makes the electability argument again. He says he does better with independents than Clinton while energizing more working-class and young people than she has. He says the Clinton campaign lacks the energy needed to turn out voters in November.

10:25: In Northern California, Sanders says neither candidate will have the number of pledged delegates (“real delegates”) needed to win the the Dem. nomination after California. He says in this “broken system,” he and Clinton will then need to get the support of super delegates. Sanders says it was an “absurd situation” that eight months before the first ballot was cast in Iowa, Clinton had the support of 400 super delegates. Sanders calls it a “system of anointment.” He says it is an “unfair” and “dumb” system that “we will change.”

10:22: When asked about agitators who have been protesting Trump’s events, Trump says the safest place you can be is at a Trump rally. He blasts protesters who do not even know why they are there. He says they are proof of what a phony business politics is. He blasts agitators for holding up flags of other countries and burning the American flag. Trump says the IG report is a “disaster” for Hillary Clinton and shows that “she’s corrupt.”

10:19: Trump says he has people in mind who will be “fantastic” for certain positions. When asked about his potential running mate, Trump says there are probably 5-10 people he is considering who are “really, really good” and there could be some surprises.

10:18: Trump says on Hannity that “Bernie can’t win” because “it’s a rigged system.” He says Republicans also have somewhat of a rigged system and if he didn’t win by such landslides, he (or another outsider) would not have won the nomination.

10:15: Sanders about to address supporters in Monterey, California. Trump will be in Sacramento, California on Wednesday while Sanders will be nearby in Davis, California:

10:13: Trump says he doesn’t need endorsements from establishment Republicans. He says the only thing that matters to him is the endorsement of the people.

10:12: Trump blasts Kristol’s failed magazine when asked about his efforts to court a third-party candidate. Trump says Kristol has been wrong for two years and hasn’t got one thing right while being a “war hawk” who supported disastrous policies. Trump says Kristol’s efforts would lead to Democrats appointing Supreme Court Justices. Trump asks, “who would do it? It’s a guarantee loss.” Trump says Kristol may be just trying to get publicity for his “failing magazine.”

10:10: Trump says the PGA may move one his tournaments (Doral) to Mexico and quips he hopes they will have “kidnapping insurance.”

10:09: When asked about the Monmouth poll that has him trailing Clinton by only four points, Trump says he wasn’t shocked to see it and thinks he can win New Jersey. He says when voters find out about Clinton and realize he will bring jobs back, they will go to the polls for him.

10:08: Trump says the political press are especially dishonest and many are just plainly “bad people.”

10:05: In an interview with Sean Hannity, Trump again slams the press for giving him the “worst publicity” for raising millions for veterans’s groups. Trump says he was under no obligation to raise money for the vets and because of the bad publicity, he felt the best way to handle it was to have a news conference. Hannity tells Trump that he said in 2008 that “journalism is dead” and points out that Trump is confronting this “institutional bias.”

7:20: On Fox News, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) says Trump will take “strong steps” to make sure that immigrants who come to our country will be “properly vetted” to minimize the terror threat. He says many immigrants in Europe have not been properly vetted. He says Europe and the United States must make clear that people will not be allowed to enter illegally. He says creating a “safe zone” is critical to more stability. Earlier, Trump said Sessions will absolutely be considered to be his running mate.

7:00: On Fox News’s Special Report, anti-Trump Weekly Standard writer Steve Hayes hails Paul Ryan as this month’s winner for not endorsing Trump. Meanwhile, Charles Krauthammer begrudgingly says that the “Never Trump” movement was the month’s biggest loser for falling apart after Indiana.

6:20: On CNN, establishment GOP poobah Fred Malek, who wrote that Trump must stop attacking fellow Republicans now that he is the party’s nominee, calls New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez a “national treasure” and says it is up to Trump to bring people together and not the responsibility of others to “kiss his feet.” Malek says that Trump should know from his business ventures that politics is a game of addition and not subtraction, which is a message that the GOP establishment “Smart Set” that shows nothing but disdain for the working-class Republican voters should also take note, and adds that Trump needs to show some humility once in awhile thinks he will come around to becoming a good presidential candidate. Malek says that he is supporting Trump because he thinks the country needs to go in a new direction and trusts that Trump, if elected, will hire the right people around him to take the country in a better direction.

When Trump was asked about Malek’s column earlier in the day, Trump said he had no idea who he was. Malek tells CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that he has met Trump a couple of times and laughs when Blitzer says he must not have left much of an impression.

5:57: Kristol’s top “Never Trump” recruit would not let his wife have meaningful email exchanges with other men while he was in Iraq:

5:55: Establishment Republican operative Charlie Black says on MSNBC that Bill Kristol should just run himself if he plans to court David French since Kristol may have 1% name identification compared to French’s ZERO percent.

5:50: Chuck Todd is still bewildered that Trump attacked New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez (Martinez would never have been elected had it not been for Sarah Palin’s endorsement (Palin and many of her supporters back Trump), which is something she seems to have forgotten, and says Trump may not be able to govern if he loses his base like George W. Bush. Todd doesn’t get it. George W. Bush lost his base by trying to pass comprehensive amnesty legislation and supporting other programs like No Child Left Behind. Trump doesn’t have the support of the “Smart Set” that Todd converses with for his conventional wisdom but he has the support of the GOP voters who became disgusted with the Bush presidency because of his support for amnesty. Big difference.

5:43: National Press Club president upset that Trump pointed out that some political reporters are underhanded and “sleazy.”

5:33: Bill Kristol reportedly courting lawyer David French as his “Never Trump” candidate:

French is a staff writer at National Review:



5:25: Washington Post scrutinizes a charity that received money from Trump after his fundraiser for vets:

One of the charities that Donald Trump selected to receive a donation from his veterans’ fundraiser is a group with a rating of “F” from CharityWatch, and has been criticized in the past for spending less than half of its incoming donations on programs that help veterans

5:20: Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, the Libertarian ticket that may actually siphon some votes from Clinton, are on Chuck Todd’s “MTP Daily” on MSNBC. Weld says he is “not buying” a potential Clinton indictment because he doesn’t see any evidence of “criminal intent.”

5:20: Chuck Todd, who has interjected his opinion and referred to Donald Trump as a “nativist,” says that Trump’s press conference earlier in the day was “press conference porn.”

5:13: When asked if she is nervous about California, Clinton says “I’m feeling very positive about my campaign in California.” She says she was proud to get Gov. Brown’s endorsement and wants to cover as much of the state as she can. When asked if she has been contacted by the FBI about her email scandal, she says “we do not have an interview schedule.”


5:09: Hillary Clinton is now talking to MSNBC’s Chris Hayes. She again says she has donated personally to veterans’s groups and worked to provide hundreds of millions of dollars to benefit veterans with Senators like McCain and Graham. Clinton, who initially brushed off the VA scandal and came under fire for initially downplaying it, claims she has claimed for months that the VA scandal was “unacceptable.” She says she has a plan to deal with the VA in a “very serious manner.”

4:50: To limit the amount of time she has to answer questions, Hillary Clinton called in to CNN during the final minutes of “The Lead” and said it took reporters to shame Trump in order for him to make contributions to veterans’s groups. She says she is glad Trump donated to the groups but adds that she doesn’t know if he should get much credit for raising money for veterans’s groups. When asked Hillary Clinton is making the rounds on cable television. When asked what Clinton has given to veterans’s charities, Clinton says “I, of course, have given money to veterans’s charities.” [Will the media pack vet everything she has personally done for veterans?] She says she and Sen. John McCain raised money for veterans’s causes and gives a laundry list of things she did in the Senate.

Clinton also claims she has done nearly 300 interviews in 2016 and was shocked when told of the number. She adds that Trump’s insults and attacks “is a recipe for gridlock in Washington” and “is his mode of operation.” When told it has been five or six months since she has had a press conference, Clinton says “I’m sure we will” have a press conference soon. Clinton also gives another lawyerly answer on her email scandal, saying the rules were not clarified until after she left the State Department and she did not endanger national security despite contradictory reports from authorities. Clinton says she hopes voters will “take a full picture” of everything she’s done in her career and the threats posed by Trump in the general election.


3:55: Trump’s former political director points out that Trump can win the White House by turning out blue-collar voters who just could not go tot the polls for Mitt Romney in 2012. Pat Caddell and Breitbart’s Stephen K. Bannon interviewed working-class voters who became disillusioned with Obama’s presidency in 2012 for their “The Hope and the Change” special. Caddell said then that if Romney lost the 2012 election, it would be on the heads of the GOP elite who have never known how to appeal to these voters. Wiley told Bloomberg this week:

Wiley said Republicans need to remember that the 2012 general election wasn’t a blow-out. If the GOP had turned out 400,000 more voters in three states combined—Ohio, Virginia, and Florida—Mitt Romney would’ve won, he said. Trump will capitalize on his crossover appeal with non-Republican voters and win battlegrounds “where everyone says he can’t,” Wiley said. “The unwritten story is the enthusiasm gap,” he said.

3:45: Clinton leads Trump by only 4 points in a Monmouth New Jersey poll.

3:30: Hillary Clinton tells New York Magazine that she could win Texas. The mainstream press that mocked Trump when he said he could potentially put California in play for Republicans predictably do not mock Clinton.

I asked her whether the time she was spending in Kentucky, a red state, reflected more than her desire to win the primary there the following week (which she did, by a hair). Her eyes lit up; it’s as if she’d been waiting for someone to ask her about the surprising possibilities of the electoral map this year. So which states do you think Trump puts in play? I asked, mentioning the possibility of Georgia, which some think could go Democratic for the first time since her husband won it in 1992.

“Texas!” she exclaimed, eyes wide, as if daring me to question this, which I did. “You are not going to win Texas,” I said. She smiled, undaunted. “If black and Latino voters come out and vote, we could win Texas,” she told me firmly, practically licking her lips.

3:15: After ducking the press, Sanders then comes back and tells the press that he’d rather have the support of nurses than the Dem. “establishment” after CA Gov. Jerry Brown announced his support for Hillary Clinton earlier in the day.


Brown, who forced the mainstream media that wanted to ignore Bill Clinton’s scandals like Whitewater to cover them by repeatedly bringing them up when he ran against him in 1992, endorsed Clinton earlier in the day.

The Republican nominee, Donald Trump, has called climate change a “hoax” and said he will tear up the Paris Climate Agreement. He has promised to deport millions of immigrants and ominously suggested that other countries may need the nuclear bomb. He has also pledged to pack the Supreme Court with only those who please the extreme right.

The stakes couldn’t be higher. Our country faces an existential threat from climate change and the spread of nuclear weapons. A new cold war is on the horizon. This is no time for Democrats to keep fighting each other. The general election has already begun. Hillary Clinton, with her long experience, especially as Secretary of State, has a firm grasp of the issues and will be prepared to lead our country on day one.

3:12: Daily Beast (a site that claims to be objective and representative of the political center) writer claims Trump’s mad at the press because the media forced him to give a $1 million to veterans’s organizations, says the media loathes Trump, who blasted the “sleazy” and “dishonest” mainstream press for their reporting on his donations to veterans’s groups. So much for objectivity.

3:10: Trump’s not afraid to face the press:

3:05: CNN’s Drew Griffin, who exposed the VA waitlist scandal, says that Trump does deserve credit for raising money for veterans. But he says the Trump campaign may not have done the best job in vetting some of the organizations that received money and should have cleaned up the issue a long time ago:

3:00: Clinton campaign asks voters to imagine Trump as president. The problem is there are plenty of Americans who can’t stand the thought of Hillary Clinton in their living rooms for the next four years.


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