Air Force Thunderbird F-16 Crashes After Obama Flyover

Air Force Academy Graduation, F16 Jet Flyovers AP Brennan Linsley
AP/Brennan Linsley

An F-16 fighter crashed shortly after completing a flyover at the Air Force Academy graduation that President Barack Obama attended today in Colorado Springs.

The pilot survived the incident, according to the Colorado Gazette, safely ejecting from the plane before it crashed.

According to the Air Force Academy, the plane suffered engine failure but that the crash is under investigation.

Obama plans to meet with the pilot of the plane that crashed before he leaves for Washington D.C., according to the White House press pool.

During Obama’s commencement speech to graduates, he praised the United States Military for its strength.

“It has been the highest honor of my life to lead the greatest military in the history of the world,” he said. “It inspires me every day.”

“Nobody can match America’s Air Force,” he added.

Upon arrival at Peterson Air Force Base, the President visited briefly with the Thunderbird pilot whose aircraft crashed earlier today. The President thanked the pilot for his service to the country and expressed his relief that the pilot was not seriously injured. The President also thanked the first responders who acted quickly to tend to the pilot.